Happy 75th Birthday Mom!


It was my mom’s 75th birthday the other day. The girls and I stopped by the cemetery to drop some flowers off for my mom and my mother-in-law.

I wonder how long it will take to lose the taste of bitterness, knowing this is the only way my girls get to “visit” their grandmothers; that the most recent photo I have of my mom is the one above. It’s from Soso’s kindergarten graduation in June 2010. She’s now in fourth grade, so in looking back at this photo, it feels as if so much time as passed. Yet, it feels like yesterday.

How can it be that my mom only got to see Soso in kindergarten? I had her, we had her so much longer than we had D’s mom and yet in the end, it was only to kindergarten.

One lesson learned too late for my mom is that one can never, ever have taken enough photos once the person is gone. So, learn from me and take plenty of photos. Even if it’s just an ordinary day, doing ordinary things. It isn’t as I didn’t see my mom after the graduation, but there were just ordinary visits.

Another lesson I learned after my mother-in-law had passed was to not wait to celebrate special birthdays. Thank goodness we celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday, not knowing at the time she wouldn’t make it to 75th, but having learned all too recently with the loss of my mother-in-law that making to 70 even wasn’t a guarantee.

Don’t feel the regret of having so few photos to look back on and don’t regret not having been able to do something special for them.



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