What’s For Dinner 2.7 and Another Dinner Fiasco

Every once in a while, when I try a new recipe with an unfamiliar ingredient, I have an epic fail.  My most recent one was the red snapper fiasco.  Well, add another to my list!

Today’s ingredient is spaghetti squash and the recipe is Roasted Shrimp with Spaghetti Squash from Martha Stewart’s site.  On the epic failure scale, this was a less disastrous D- versus the outright F with the red snapper.  The shrimp was salvageable and D swears he can choke down some of the spaghetti squash with the shrimp.

This isn’t the first time Pinterest has led me astray.  Things look so good, so simple, so easy and the reality is so… not.  For example, the direction of “cut the squash in half” doesn’t begin to prepare you for extreme, possibly digit losing difficulty of that particular procedure.  Not to mention the almost inedible result of all that effort!  The squash by itself was fine.  The shrimp was fine.  It was the combination of the sweetish squash, with the shrimp, with the parsley and lemon… just not a good combo some how.  I just don’t get it. The recipe was simple.  It had decent reviews.  I’m not a bad cook.  At least the squash was only $7 versus the $26 I wasted on the red snapper.

Anyway, on to the menu for the week:

S – roasted shrimp w/spaghetti squash – epic fail

M – tofu and bok choy stir-fry, rice

T – pasta w/ sautéed wild mushrooms

W – taco

T – pizza

F – breaded flounder, pasta

S – ?  Saturdays are always so difficult!


2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner 2.7 and Another Dinner Fiasco

  1. Oh my… ^^ Well, I am glad it was somewhat salvageable this time! ^^
    Yeah, can imagine how the savory of the shrimp and the sweet of the squash would be an “interesting” combination. The photo at the link, though, sure *looks* good! I’ve tried doing spaghetti squash + tomato sauce sometimes, and while edible, I still think it always disappoints my tastebuds that the squash is not actually real spaghetti…
    As for Saturday night, my mom kind of continued her childhood tradition with our family by frequently making it be burger night. It’s nice to have a program for the menu!

    1. Hi Erica!!! It makes me wonder if all these people really love spaghetti squash so much b/c I just don’t get it right now. Burger night sounds yummy! My SIL has Taco Tuesday… It is nice to have a set program I guess… will have to give it some thought!

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