What’s For Dinner 2.13

Thanksgiving left-overs done! And that’s the way I like it, uh huh, uh huh. The benefit of getting a less than 7 pounds breast only. I think I’ll try boneless breast next year and not worry about carving around the rib cage!

I made a new stuffing and I tried new lasagna recipe. I even baked some new things… I made scones with dried cranberries, pumpkin cookies with white chocolate chips, and revised my pumpkin muffin recipe. I think I took photos and I’ll try to follow-up with the recipes.

Meanwhile, we’re back to the old grind. I winded up not following last week’s dinner menu so…

S – last bit of Thanksgiving LO

M – Dal w/rice and sautéed spinach

T – Tacos, pico do gallo

W – LO

T – mac and cheese and meatballs, salad

F – flounder and pasta alio e olio

S – LO or pizza


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