Rosie the Elf Days 8 – 15

Day 8 – Wearing Peanut’s undies and socks
Elf 2013_8

Day 9 – Rosie the Graffiti Artist
Elf 2013_9

Day 10 – Still chilli’ in the bathroom
Elf 2013_10

Day 11 – More hanging
Elf 2013_11

Day 12 – Catching up on some reading
Elf 2013_12

Day 13 – Not sure what you’re doing there Rosie … Pretending to be on of the window shade sample?
Elf 2013_13

Day 13 – 15

I didn’t take any photos because Rosie was not in any interesting places. I don’t know if she’s tired or bored or homesick or what.


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