Merry Christmas!

The cookies are baked and shared, the cards *hopefully* have arrived at all destinations, the shopping is done.  Who cares that I’m way behind on posting Rosie’s antics, that 90% of the presents still have to be wrapped and I have no idea what to wear for Christmas Mass tomorrow? It’s gonna be a cold one, so I’ll probably just throw on some slacks and a sweater.  My poor kids will probably ask why they are the only ones who have to wear dresses.  Because I bought them I need at least two wears out of them to feel they were worth buying!

I have a cold coming on and I feel alternately weepy, tired, and cranky, but I look back this year, 2013, another crazy hectic year and I have to feel happy and blessed.  I am lucky that no one I loved is seriously ill or has passed on, my kids (aside from the same cold I’m getting) are healthy and safe, there was no massively disruptive hurricane that hit us, I have a husband who’s truly a partner and takes his share of the burden of parenting, and that ultimately, we have lived through another year intact.

Merry Christmas everyone!




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