Happy 10th Birthday Soso!

Dearest Soso,

I know I say every year, “I can’t believe you’re __ years-old.”, but I really, really, really can’t believe it this time.  I can’t believe you’re 10.  Double digits! The beginning of the “tween” years and the soon-to-be teen years.  Will someone please figure out a way to stop time?!  Or at least put a break on it?  It doesn’t feel like 10 years has passed since you were born, yet it has.  Each year has passed exponentially faster than the last.  Does this mean one day I’ll blink and you’ll be learning to drive? Off on your first date?  Going away to college?  Moving out of the house? ACK! I can’t handle it!  I can’t handle the truth!

You’re probably reading this saying “Huh?  What in the world…”, but then again, you’re used to Mommy getting a little spazzy so perhaps not.

This is the first birthday letter I’ve written since your 7th birthday.  I feel a real regret that I haven’t been able to write one in such a long time.  As you know, life’s been a little more hectic since Peanut has joined our family.  And birthday letters have actually become harder to write.  There are so many things I want to say and so little time to write them all.  So, I thought about the things I really want to say to you and I realized that things I want to say to you in this birthday letter are the things I don’t say nearly enough.  I’ll try to say them to you more often, but if I don’t because life is still hectic, re-read this letter.

I love you Soso. I love you my Soso, sosososososososososo very much.  Remember when I used to read Guess How much I Love You and I would tell you that I love you to the moon and back and around the earth?  I love you even more than that.

I’m proud of you. I’m sosososososososososo proud of you.  I’m proud of the young lady you’re becoming.  I’m proud of the sweet daughter who tells me it’s okay I yelled when the yelling was uncalled for.  I’m proud of the kind sister who wipes Peanut’s booty and shares all of her toys even when Peanut is mean and selfish to her.  I’m proud of the loving granddaughter who calls her Papa every single day.  I’m proud of the considerate and fair friend who doesn’t leave any friend out.  I’m proud of the brave skier who faces down a black diamond slope even with fear.  I’m proud of the novice runner training for her first 5K in June.  I’m proud of the patient girl practicing her piano pieces, even with keyboard past it’s prime.  I’m proud of the responsible student who goes to the homework room every single day to work on her homework.  I’m proud of the silly girl who tells her jokes even when the response isn’t so positive.

I feel honored.  I’m sosososososososososo honored that I’m your mommy. That I get to parent such a wonderful kid. I’m honored to take credit for what’s really not mine to take – that you’re such a good person and you have such a good heart. It’s such a wonderful thing, a wonderful trait and really the best compliment I can give to anyone.  You may be the shortest kid in 4th grade, but you have the biggest heart.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful 10th year.  I am really looking forward to this summer when we can forget about all the homework and spend some relaxing time together. We’ll have to do a Running Man marathon while gorging on some yummy Korean food. That’s a promise.

Love you to the infinity and beyond,



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