Peanut Update

I figured it’s about time for another update on my ‘Nut.

A friend of mine posted a drawing where “your plan” depicted as this straight smooth road to the finish line and the universe’s plan for you as a road filled with obstacles and bad weather.

My life’s that universe’s road with even MORE obstacles with Peanut in tow.  Case in point.


I got a phone call last Thursday from daycare. This is what the assistant director of the daycare described as a small scratch on her face.


Small scratch my a**. This photo was taken the day after. When I picked her up, that injured area was bright red. I was too shocked to properly tell her off that day, probably a good thing. I was much calmer when I talked to the director about how “small scratch” was not nearly descriptive enough to convey the type of injury Peanut had.


She was happy to stay home with Mommy though on Friday. And for anyone concerned, it is healing very nicely after all the care I put into it. It’s debatable whether Vitamin E cream helps, but I tell you it’s healing much faster and more cleanly than I anticipated.

Apart from the injury, the latest update on Peanut is that she’s going through another bout of late-night waking up/crying thing. Just when I think I can sleep without being on alert… It actually started with a week of having accidents in middle of the night to waking up to pee to now she’s waking up multiple times to either pee or to tell us she misses us.

This too shall pass? Yeah, yeah, I know.

Another update, which I was in a bit of denial, is that she’s a little behind with her letters and reading.  I wasn’t too worried until I read Soso’s 4th birthday letter the other day. I wrote that she was already reading a few simple words and able to write her name. Peanut can read 5 or 6 letters. I wonder if this is part of being the second kid since we don’t get pay as much one-on-one attention or it’s just that she’s a different kid. Oh well…


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