Parenting Soso vs. Peanut

Imagine parenting over the years as a road… this is the difference between Soso and Peanut.


What’s prompted my attempt at drawing? Because mere words are not enough. There’s always something with Peanut… Most of it is not her fault and beyond her control, but that doesn’t alleviate the frustration.

The latest drama is bed wetting… going on 2 weeks now. We’ve done everything we’re supposed to do, including limit water close to bed time, pottying her before, and we’ve even resorted to waking her up in the middle of the night to potty… and of course, she still wets the bed, but now at 5 AM. I just don’t understand what’s going on with her body that all of sudden she’s lacking any control over her bladder in the night. Today was the last straw. She had peed twice before bed, peed at 2:30AM and she still had an accident at 5 AM. Tonight she’s going back to diapers. We just cannot continue to deal with all the laundry, the changing of clothes, washing, the crying and the sleep deprivation.


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