Happy 4th Birthday Peanut!

Dearest Peanut,

Happy, happy 4th birthday Peanut, my Honey Pie!  My Queen Elsa! (You’re really into Frozen these days and you want to be Queen Elsa.)  You’re finally 4!  I’ve been waiting for this particular birthday with part excitement and part trepidation.  With excitement because of all the new things you’ll be learning in the next year, but with trepidation because you’ll be growing up way to quickly.

You have regressed a bit (or is it a lot?) because you’re having bedtime accidents and you’re currently in nighttime diapers again.  While it would be nice if you were no longer wetting the bed, I’m not in any hurry to speed the time along.  I know from Soso that the years will go by too quickly anyway.  I’ll blink and I’ll be getting ready to write a 5th birthday letter!


You’re still very much yourself.  You’re still a diva rock star princess.  You’ve learned somewhere to strut and pose like a model.  You’re really into wearing dresses, pretty shoes and you’re always asking me to do make your hair pretty.  You’re definitely my girly girl!

You still have the cutest smile and you sure know how to work it to your advantage!  You like to say “hello” to random strangers, but you get shy and bury your face in my arms with people you know.  You have what Koreans call “aegyo” which means cuteness and winsomeness.

You’re still such a peanut!   You’re finally in 3T pants and some 3T or 4T shirts and dresses.  Your shoe size is 7.5.  I’ll edit in your actual measurements when you go for your annual check-up next week.

You still love books and hopefully it will transfer to a love of reading like your sister.  You love your kitchen, puzzles, playing dress-up with your princess shoes and watching movies.  I’ve had to limit your movie watching to only before dinner time.  Some of your current favorites are Frozen, Tangled and interestingly enough Howl’s Moving Castle.

Your current favorite soft animal is Penny, Lucky’s sister.  I had bought Penny for you because I was concerned Lucky was going to fall apart from the constant washing. I was surprised by how quickly you transferred your love to Penny. When I asked why you loved Penny more, you answered, “Because she’s so soft and Lucky is hard.”  I wonder if I’m destined to haunt Ebay looking for Disney dalmatian puppy replacement every couple of years.

Pizza, calamari, rice with kimchi, hotdogs, breaded chicken and fish, tofu and Morningstar Grillers are your favorite foods.  You still love your veggies, including spinach, asparagus, broccoli, broccoli rabe, kale and green beans.  You still won’t eat a bite of green peppers.  I’m not complaining. You love junk food, too.  Chocolate is by far your favorite, followed by ice cream, cookies and cake.  Fortunately you love fruits, too. Strawberries are still the favorite, then apples and pears, grapes, bananas and oranges.  You’ll sometimes eat kiwi, mango, pineapples, peaches, blueberries, but not always.

You’ve graduated to kids’ toothpaste and you’re brushing and rinsing out your mouth pretty well.  You’ve gone from showering to taking baths again and you’re no longer afraid of the bath toy bugs.  You love washing your own hair with the scented kids’ shampoo.  You still need/want help getting dressed.  It all depends on your mood.

You’re still Daddy’s girl and you no longer want me exclusively for bedtime.  I knew it wouldn’t last and I admit to missing that special moment.  You do love me though and you know enough to feel bad when you choose Daddy.  You’ll give me an extra hug and a kiss and tell me you love me and I’m your favorite Mommy.

You’re such a shining star with your cute mischievous smile.  I love how you light up the room and make everyone fall for your charm.  You’re so full of joy and laughter.  I hope you continue to have more laughter than tears as you mature and leave your babyhood behind.

I love you my Peanut, my Honey Pie as you requested me to call you.  Happiest 4th birthday to you!



P.S. How lucky are you that you got to celebrate your birthday multiple times!






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