Quick Update

It’s been awhile…  Life has been sort in the valley part of the road. Although using the word valley makes it seem not so bad. It’s been a difficult time with Peanut all of sudden turning into a Terrible Four. I hope there is such a thing and it’s a phase just as Terrible 2’s and 3’s were.

I’ve mentioned in the last post that she started wetting the bed all of a sudden. One day, she could sleep through the night to next day, she couldn’t. So, it has continued. She’s in overnight diapers still and she continues to wake up with the diaper wet for the most part despite everything we’ve tried.

Then all of sudden, she couldn’t sleep through the night. Perhaps, related to peeing anxiety? Who knows. Then she was okay with sleeping and the next day, she started having tantrums at daycare.  Multiple tantrums because she didn’t want to join circle time, she didn’t want to clean up, she didn’t want to….. if you looked at her wrong, full on screaming, crying and it finally culminated with her hitting her teacher.

And then just like that she stopped. Now she’s back to being a great listener, after giving us hell for 10 days.

And right after that, it’s as if she can’t be good 24 hours a day, something has to give, she started having sleeping issues. Waking up multiple times for numerous reasons to finally about week ago, just refusing to go to sleep at all. Screaming, crying, kicking, shaking the crib, the works.  After we’ve tried everything short of letting her sleep with us, we’ve given up and now we’re just letting her cry it out. I’m so stressed out and tense, my sleep cycle and pattern is completely messed up. If you see me with bloodshot eyes, looking dazed, that’s why.

We’re in week three of sleep deprivation and I’m really hoping that letting her just cry it out will work by the end of this week. It’s heart breaking to listen to her screaming for us, but we’re desperate at this point.  I can’t focus on at home or at work. I’ve had to stop running again.  Life is just not enjoyable currently.  It’s hard to have fun as a family when everyone is tired and miserable.

I really hope Peanut turns the corner soon.


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