Peanut Update

So…  When we discussed our issues with Peanut with a few people, just conversationally, but one happened to be a speech therapist and one is a member of our school board of ed and who has a son with some special needs, they both expressed some concern and thought it would hurt to have Peanut assessed by the school system.  And that process took a little time, but we finally got a written report that seemed okay.  A little delayed here and there, but overall okay.

The actual meeting to discover the assessment results was on Tuesday and they recommend Peanut goes through their preschool program with some services included, including speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral modification.

So the preschool program is from 8:45 – 11:15. Awkward time much? Apart from Peanut having to go to a whole new place with new set of teachers/admins/classmates/routines, there’s the whole how do I get her there by 8:45 AM, to the afternoon pre-k program at her daycare issue.  If I change my work ours to 9:30 – 5:30, how do I pick up both my kids and get home probably somewhere close to 7 and get through night time routine? How on earth do I pick both of them up by 6:30 if I happen to run into bad traffic?  OMG… nightmare. And 2.5 weeks to figure out what to do because school starts September 4th.

We need several things to line up for all of this to work, including busing, sister-in-law changing her work schedule, boss being flexible about my work schedule, friends and other family members being kind enough to be on alert to take Soso home if I can’t make it to her after-care by 6:30, etc and I have to wonder if this will all be worth it. Does Peanut really need this?  Does she need to have her entire routine turned upside down? She doesn’t adjust to changes and new setting very well.

Anyway, we’re trying to make it work for now since it’s easier to leave the system then to get into it mid-year.  Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work out, perhaps we realize she’s okay without the added services and she just does the daycare pre-k full-time as she was scheduled to do until Tuesday.  Cross your fingers and pray for us.


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