First Day of School

School started on Thursday and we’re 3 days into our new routine. So far so good, crossing my fingers and toes.

I was super nervous about Peanut, because there were going to be so many new things and changes introduced all at once: 2 different school, two set of teachers and classmates, going on a bus, having Zizi pick her up to bring her to Kindercare.

But she did great on the first day.  I drove her there and she went into her new school without any problems. I emphasized many times that starting Friday, she would be taking a bus and she was fine. In fact, she “loves” her bus even though she is the only one on it.

Here are some photos.

Soso starting 5th grade!


With cousin who’s in 4th grade and Peanut.


At the lineup… gosh it was such a sunny and hot day even at 8 AM!


With her BFF and they are finally in the same class together! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Peanut’s new Pre-K school!



At the lineup wall waiting to go into her class..


This is on the second day where she’s patient waiting for the bus that winded up being 15 minutes late.


Thank goodness though that she loves her bus!



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