Running Update

I was looking forward to my Saturday morning run with the group this past weekend because 1) we were starting at 6:30 (usually people like to start 7:30) and 2) I was going for 8 miles. I even asked ahead of time to do the 6 first and 2 afterwards in case I collapse and I’m close to the car.

Then everything came to a screeching halt when D said he needed to leave the house no later than 5:30 AM for a tennis tournament.  I know I’m getting addicted to running when I felt SO. BUMMED. OUT. Seriously, I was bummed. Even D felt bad for me.

Then I was more bummed because everyone, seriously, EVERYONE was running on Saturday and not a single person was running Sunday. Usually, there’ someone always running on either days.  There was no way I would be able to do 8 miles on my own. I haven’t even run 6 miles by myself!

So when I started out yesterday morning, I was going for 7 miles, may be a little over if I could.  Guess what?  8.4 miles baby!  Solo no less.  Sure, it was an accidental 8 miles, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I did it all by myself.

So about that accidental 8.4 miles… I really need to get that GPS watch. My iPod Nike+ is just so inaccurate. It was telling me, as I was approaching home, that I was at 7+ miles so I pushed myself to do another block loop to get me to 7.5 miles. I was so feeling super tired that another 1/2 mile just was impossible.  It wasn’t until much later when I mapped my route that I found out I did 8.4! That’s a HUGE difference. I didn’t even have to do the extra loop!

Of course I’m paying for it this morning… I feel achy and stiff, but I was too tired to wake up and do a recovery run.  I’ll have to do something when I get home, a couple of miles of the treadmill or a yoga stretch or something.

One last thing: I ran my fastest pace so far. You know why? The path I took was so isolated that I ran fast for fear. It was woodsy and there was not a single soul to be seen. So even though there was daylight, I didn’t feel safe.  I won’t do that route alone again. It’s not enjoyable when you’re turning around and scanning constantly for danger signs.  Granted I live in a pretty safe suburban area, but all it takes is that one time, one bad person… so I hope everyone practices safe running habits!


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