Running Update: 100 Miles and 29:29

I had a personal goal to run 100 miles in October and I did it!  100.44 to be precise.  I don’t know what’s going to motivate me to run in November, but hopefully I’ll find something so I don’t turn into a winter slug.

Also ran my first 5K in a really, really long time and I PRed it with 29:29!

I also had a lot of fun watching the NYC Marathon this year because I had 5 of my weekend buddies running it.  They all finished some at a little over 3 hours, some at 4 and one at 5. What an accomplishment! It almost made me wish I could run it as well one day. But having run with them on the weekends for the last 4 months, I know what it takes to be marathon ready and I just don’t have that kind of time.


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