Happy St. Patty’s Day!


I’ve written about my friend’s Irish Soda Bread in the past.  My first attempt was too salty, thanks to using salted butter. My second attempt, as you can see from the photo, is that it’s a tad too done.  Probably by 10 minutes! I think my oven is on the stronger side. It tastes okay, but a little on the crunchy and dry side. It tastes better toasted and slathered with butter.  🙂


I swear I’ll get it right next year. Third time is the charm, right? So, I’m really grateful that Baker Mom has graced us again this year with one of her delicious bread. I haven’t tasted it yet, but know… she’s got a great recipe and years of experience on her side!

Speaking of which… So the door bell rings last night after 9 PM. D and I are both getting ready for bed. He’s in his undies, having just gotten out of shower and we both look at each other like “WTH?!?!” He quickly grabbed his pants and rush downstairs in case the “crazy” person rings the doorbell again and wake up the kids.  When he returns, he has this bemused expression on his face and he tells me he’ll give me ten guesses and I’ll never guess who it was.  I go through a list of family members and neighbors, thinking there was some kind of emergency. Finally on my 8th wrong guess, I felt all panicky (don’t ask me why, there was no bet to lose or anything) and asked for a hint: Is it a person residing in our town? It is… and a light bulb goes off and I guessed Baker Dad and I was right!

I asked in disbelief, ” With the Irish Soda Bread?” since that’s the only reason I could remotely think of why he would stop unexpectedly in middle of the night and I was right again! But we were both so confused and amused and bemused and D actually said to me, “I don’t think he was drinking, he looked sober, but he did walk…”. We went to bed thinking Baker Mom had given him the bread to drop of, say like 8 PM, on his walk and he just took long walk around the neighborhood before finally getting to our house.

Well, I had a good laugh this morning when I checked my phone and sure enough there’s a text from Baker Mom, asking if it would be okay since the bread had just gotten out of the oven.  Ah… now it all makes sense. But how funny that the only explanation we could think of for the late night bread drop-off was either he started celebrating St. Patty’s Day a day early or that he had started out much earlier and just took a long walk before getting to our house?  Of course I had to share this with Baker Mom and hopefully she found it just as amusing as we did. Thank you Baker Mom!!!


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