Luck Redefined

I’ve never thought of myself as particularly lucky. In fact, I would venture to say I’ve called myself unlucky.  I’ve never won the lottery.  Okay no one really wins the lottery, but I’ve never won more realistic lottery type things.  I’ve never won a bingo game, 50:50 raffle, casino games, carnival game prizes.  I don’t even win back the $2 from scratch off tickets!

Well, I had a car incident last night.


While making a slow turn, the car just stopped with a thud and refused to budge.  I thought my tire blew out.


It was the axle.  It broke or came apart.  I don’t have enough car knowledge to understand let alone explain what happened.

What I do know is I didn’t hit anything. Something must have been wrong. May be only for days, but possibly for weeks, may be even for months. It was only a matter of time.

This could have happened while I was driving to or from work yesterday.  Or today.  Or Saturday while driving on a highway to go see a friend. With my kids.  Or it could have happened last week while I was driving on the highway with my kids and a friend.  Or two weeks ago while I had 7 people in my car, again on the highway. Driving way faster than the 5 mph I was doing making a turn on a local road.  This could have had a far greater, dire, possibly fatal consequence.

As I was processing what happened last night, I realized that I’ve got it all backwards.  I’m incredibly lucky.  I’ve already survived a car accident in my early 20’s where the car was totaled. I was rear ended last summer on the highway and while I’m still seeing a doctor and a physical therapist, it’s for a nerve issue.  No broken bones, internal damages, not even a scratch.  And I avoided a potentially horrific accident by having the incredible luck of having the wheel come apart on a local road.

I guess God’s been saving my luck on what really matters, my life.  So, I’m walking around today feeling really lucky and grateful. I’m never going to feel unlucky again.  Money is nice, but life is better.


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