First Day of School

Peanut, my last baby, has started 1st grade. I thought this fact coupled with how young she still looks to me would be the tear trigger. There were some fluttering in the heart, some ache. It was harder to walk away from her for sure, but…

Soso, my first baby, is the one that brought tears to my eyes. I have brought her to first day of school for 7 years and the routine hasn’t changed too much over the years. We take a photo by the school sign, we walk to that year’s grade entrance, we take a few more photos with friends, we kiss and hug and I wish her luck and we say goodbye. Perhaps I linger for a few more minutes. Sure there are less parents each year, but surely…

We round the corner and yup, no parent in sight. All the kids are in there little groups, looking impossibly tall and independent. I whisper, “No photos?” and she quickly replies, “No,” before she runs off to join her friends. She may have brushed me a quick kiss. It happened so fast, I don’t know.

I manage to get off a quick shot when Peanut runs over to hug her goodbye. Then we leave quickly so we’re not late to Peanut’s school, but also so I don’t embarrass Soso.  I don’t know why I felt so bereft, but I was holding back tears the entire walk back to the car.

Wishing everyone a happy back to school, however bittersweet it is.


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