Missing Mom

5 years have passed already and it happens less often, but once in a while… Just once in awhile, it creeps up on me and catches me unaware and I feel engulfed with sadness that she’s not with me now.

I struggle to remember her and I realize that the memories are fading.  As much as I’ve known her most of my life, 37 years in fact, all it takes is 5 years without her and the memories have already started taking on a wispy characteristic.  Hard to grasp and hold firm.  It probably doesn’t help because I have no one to help me keep her memories alive. My dad and brother and I, we don’t talk about Mom.

I miss my mom. I miss her terribly today.


One thought on “Missing Mom

  1. I’m sorry you are sad .
    Wish I lived closer to you and
    we could meet for a cup of coffee and talk about all the cool things about your mom.

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