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I feel like some major parts of my life are on a treadmill.  If only parts of you can be on a treadmill, that is.  Scary thought.  Walking legs, but no body!  I have tried my best to move things forward and to make changes.  For one reason or another, I’m in a rut.

I need to feel that I’m learning, growing and evolving in order to be happy.  I need it like I need air.  I’ve created a new realistic ‘bucket list’ in order to jumpstart my life.  My first list in my early 20’s had things like parachuting.  Totally unrealistic now that I’m a total chicken.

This items on this list are realistic goals, God willing, I live long enough to accomplish them.  They just require time, and of course, money.  Some of these things have been on a “list” for a long time.  Like going to California.  I’ve been wanting to visit since I was 22 years old.  Going back to Korea, forever, since I’ve never stopped wanting that since I left at seven.  In fact a lot of the items on the list are from my childhood.  I think it’s about time I start accomplishing them, don’t you?

If you’re reading this, may be you too can make a list.  May be if you’re around we can accomplish some of these together.  Or come up with new ones.  Or if you have ideas on how to accomplish some of these, feel free to comment!  Like the whole visiting Pioneer Woman’s ranch is probably a pipe dream.  Apparently crabbing is also difficult to do without a bunch of equipment.

Maybe you are my goal in which case, I will see you one day.  It may take me a few years. It may take me my lifetime.  But it will happen. I promise.


  1. Peru/Machu Picchu while D’s Abuela is still alive.  (completed 8/5/10 – 8/17/10)
  2. Italy, including Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily.
  3. Korea while my aunts and uncle is still around. (Spring 2011!!!)
  4. Go back to Disney World before Soso is 10. (2/16)
  5. San Diego Zoo
  6. LA/Hollywood
  7. San Francisco
  8. Tour the Napa Valley Region
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Grand Canyon
  11. Alaska
  12. Maine, Acadia National Park
  13. Red wood National State Park
  14. Visit Uncle Carmen in FL
  15. Visit best friend in Nashville, TN


  1. Take swim lessons and swim a lap with ease
  2. Run a half-marathon(accomplished on 9/20/15)
  3. Jump off a diving board.  (accomplished on 7/23/10)
  4. Hike part of Appalachian trail
  5. Go horseback riding on a beach
  6. Try Yoga (2/26/11)
  7. Try Zumba
  8. Try Belly Dancing
  9. Buy a bike and start cycling around town
  10. Ski down one more black diamond before I turn 40
  11. Go snowshoeing
  12. Try cross-country skiing
  13. Go canoeing
  14. Run a mile in 8 minutes
  15. Go crabbing or fishing


  1. Learn how to make Zizi Angie’s Italian Wedding cookies (done 12/23/10)
  2. Learn how to make the family pizza rolls
  3. Learn how to make basil pesto (Summer 2012)
  4. Learn how to make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon (inspired after watching Julie and Julia)
  5. Take a cake decorating class
  6. Learn how to bake bread
  7. Make Korean Dumplings (Mandoo) from scratch
  8. Learn how to make a pie crust
  9. Bake a gingerbread cookie for D
  10. Make cornbread/cake for Soso (does pumpkin cornbread count?  11/25/10)

Other adventures

  1. Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity
  2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  3. Make meatloaves for soup kitchen (Easter 2015)
  4. Visit a ranch (hopefully Pioneer Woman’s – how cool would that be?)
  5. Ride a snowmobile
  6. Try snow tubing
  7. Go on a sleigh ride
  8. Have a snowball fight
  9. Build a snow fort
  10. Visit Aquatica or something like it and play with dolphins
  11. Go whale watching
  12. Go visit the top of the Statue of Liberty (3/16)
  13. See Lion King
  14. See a Cirque du Soleil performance.  (Wintuk Dec 4, 2010!!!)
  15. Take the kids to see 4th of July fireworks in DC
  16. Take the kids to see 4th of July fireworks in Boston
  17. Go see Macy’s Thanksgiving parade
  18. Visit a lighthouse (summer 2012)
  19. Learn how to knit something
  20. Go on a top ten train ride(rode on the Peru Rail, #5 on the list on 8/13/10)
  21. Watch all the movies from the top 100 movies of 2007 list.

6 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. I love that Alaska is on your list and I hope to have the privilege to show you around. I could help you check off snow shoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling (though we call it snow machining lol), snow ball fight, build a snow fort, and go tubing if you came in the early spring.
    If you came in summer we could go crabbing and fishing and you could run the Equinox marathon here (world renown) or we could hike the Chikoot Pass (our comparison to the Appalachian Trail).
    Am I enticing you enough? 😉

    1. Oh honey, you don’t need to entice me! You should remember that Alaska has been on my list forever! Of course being able to check off a bunch of things on my list is certainly nice, but I can do those things here. I just want to visit Alaska and visit you and our other friend there!

  2. Making beef Bourguignon is not that bad. I also wanted to make it after watching the movie, which made it seem so hard. Unless I did something really wrong, it wasn’t that bad. I say go for it. It is delicious. I like your list, inspires me to write one of my own.

  3. Hi there! Love the post. Just read your blog for the first time. I am new to the blogging world myself, but I LOVE it. It’s like a little escape. I’ve also been inspired to do some new things lately, and challenge myself. Starting a blog was one. And running a half marathon is another…hoping to accomplish that in the next year. Good luck with your list! I might make my own too! I made my 8th grade students do that several years ago…I think I made one too. It’d be good to revisit.

  4. Your blog was listed on the WP homepage, and I’m glad I clicked through. I’ve got my bucket list in my head. Time I guess to put down some place. Great post.

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