Rosie the Elf, Day 9 – 11

I’ve heard that other elves can be mischievous, but so far Rosie hasn’t been one. However, on Day 9, we woke up to this.

cDay 9

I guess if this is the worst of it, Rosie’s not all that mischievous. More playful?

Day 10

Perhaps even thoughtful since Mr. Skeleton probably appreciated getting out of this plastic cage and resting his weary bones.

Day 11

See? No embarrassing underwear hanging off the stocking holders. Just the regular stockings.

I almost want to see how mischievous Rosie can get…



Christmas Tree Cutting – A New Family Tradition?

I’ve grown up celebrating Christmas with artificial trees.  On the other hand, D’s family started putting up real trees at some point that he’s familiar with the experience.  And not too fond of it. The watering, the needles everywhere, the sap, the errant bugs.

When we got married, we continued the less messy tradition of putting up artificial trees.  Then two years ago, D found a dead rodent in our tree box and that was the end of the tree that had been with us our entire marriage.  Last year, we didn’t bother getting a new tree due to the Punk and put up a small temporary one, high up and out of reach from her grasping hands.

So, when Soso asked if we could have a proper sized tree, I started dreaming about a nice pre-lit tree so I could avoid getting the tiny but many and painful cuts on hands.

Then, D, the one who hates the messy needles and sap and whatnot suggested we try a real tree this year.  Then, he suggested we go cut our own!  I was excited because I had always wanted to experience cutting our own tree.  Of course, in my head, I was picturing something out of the movies…  Soso was excited because, well, she’s eight and she gets excited about any new things.

So, we went Christmas tree cutting today.  We went with our good friends, the Punk’s godparents.  Here they are with the Godfather looking quite manly posing with his “big” saw.


Soso and her sorta Godsister.


We took a ride down to the furthest edge of the tree field and worked our way back up, looking for the perfect tree.


Some action shots.


The saw was small, but did job pretty well.


Soso loved the entire experience, but look carefully at the expression on Punk’s face. She complained about being cold and hungry the entire time.


D, hilariously, carrying the tree upright on his shoulder because he couldn’t quite figure how how to carry it. He just looked SO funny!


The Godfamily found their tree further out and smartly got a ride on the tractor wagon.

Overall, it was a fun experience, but we made a few unfortunate mistakes. Learn from us:

1. Dress warmer than you think you should and in layers. Don’t believe the 50+ degree weather report as gospel!

2. Don’t believe your husband when you start off in a fog and wet grounds when he says, “No, you won’t need boots. The grounds will dry up by the time we get there.” And if you still don’t wear boots, then at least wear double socks. Our sneakers and socks and the bottom 8 inches of our jeans got SOAKED.

3. If you’re bringing a two-year-old, he or she may not find looking at tree after tree that all look similar as enthralling as your eight-year-old so bring snacks. Lots of them.

4. Look for a tree that’s actually a little taller than what you want because they lose a few inches when you cut them. Yeah, ours is a little too short.

5. Actually, just wear boots and tuck your pants in unless you know for sure that the ground is bone dry. Seriously, we had to WASH our sneakers. They are still drying. My eight-year-old may not have sneakers for her gym class tomorrow.

6.  Take plenty of photos because you never know if you’ll ever do this again!


Thank You #92 First Egg Hunt

For Peanut that is…

TY #92

It was cold, like winter cold, and rainy, but Peanut enjoyed her first egg hunt. She got the hang of it pretty quickly, unlike her sister at the same age. Soso would take 5 minutes to pick an egg.


Of course with 6 years of practice under her belt, Soso has become a pro, too.


I love that we get to experience the “firsts” again with Peanut. I love that Soso is part of the experience now. Happy Egg Hunt everyone!