Today’s wish for my girls is that they like each other

For today, tomorrow and far into their adulthood, my wish for my girls is that they like each other and get along.

They are bound to have fights.  There will be tears shed.  There is sure to be some screeching (from Peanut anyway) here and there.  I wouldn’t even care if some hair got pulled or a punch got thrown. These things can happen.  Disagreements will happen about anything and everything along the way.


Through it all, I hope they love each other and I pray they like each other.  I mean really like each other.

No matter their age difference, their place in life, their physical distance, their life philosophy, or politics, I hope they stay close.  That they talk. That they meet up once in a while and have fun. And enjoy each others’ company.  Because they genuinely like each other.


What I Got For Mother’s Day

He did it!  They did it!  D, S and P gave me the priceless gift of sleeping in until precisely 7:25 AM on Sunday!  I can’t remember the last time I slept that late.  Actually, I do.  A little over 2 years ago,  before Punk joined out family.

I was totally kidding when I mentioned to D the gift I would really like.  So I wasn’t expecting him to try, let alone be successful.  He planned with Soso by having his and the girls’ clothes ready in Soso’s room.  Soso apparently was so excited about this plan, she woke up early and was already dressed by the time Punk woke up.  She helped D dress Punk.  Punk stayed quiet. They sneaked out of the house and out to breakfast all before 7 AM.

I just wish I had known so I could have slept later!  Unfortunately, when I saw it was 7:25 and all was quiet, I woke up to investigate.  And once I’m physically up, I couldn’t crawl back into bed again.

Apparently, all the local diners didn’t open until 7AM so D and girls enjoyed breakfast at a near by…


Seriously the best Mother’s Day gift ever! And I got my hour for the pedicure!

Mommy I Need Privacy!

In an effort to post more of those “special” memories…

Punk’s pottying and the next thing I hear is, “Mommy, I need privacy!”  Meaning, close the door.  She’s such a funny kid.

Also, the latest thing she likes to do when she doesn’t want to listen to what we have to say, is to put her hands up to her ears. Where did she learn that???