What’s new with me???

Abracadabra arugula barugula shazam! 

You have to forgive me, I’m either high on honey ginger tea or just not thinking straight from all the fluid in my head.  I’m heading in to week thee of  a wicket bad cold or allergies or both.  What ever it is, I feel absolute and total empathy to sinus suffers.  But more about that on another post…

Let’s just stick to, TA-DA!!!!!   I know all three of you readers have been just dying for this updated picture of our new bedroom.  Which was ready over a month ago.  Which we only moved into last night.

I could have waited for a more impressive picture opportunity.  Say, with some wall hangings.  Or real curtains.  But that would have taken another year, so this is about as good as it gets.

The view from our bed showing the doors to our bathroom and closet.  Don’t you think a flat screen TV would go perfect between the two doors?  And I’ve never been a fan of a television in the bedroom…. but boy am I tempted! 

Of course, I don’t have any pictures of the finished bathroom.  That is asking way, way too much of me.  As it is, I only have the bedroom pictures thanks to D.

I have fantasies about a new bedroom set, new bedding, and the aforementioned flat screen TV, but that will all have to wait until we get some proper shades.

So, not that anyone’s going to answer this question, but I’ll throw it out there.  Rug or no rug?  You can’t really see it but there’s quite a bit of space between the bed and the dresser.


3 thoughts on “What’s new with me???

  1. Very, very nice!!! I can see a pretty framed print between the two doors, but that’s just me 🙂 And I think a print rug would really lok nice in that spot. Congratulations!!

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